Sheet Metal Laser Experts – Laser Industries

As sheet metal laser experts, Laser Industries is determined to become the preferred supplier of project focused processing and fabrication for our Customers. We will support our Customers’ manufacturing goals and objectives through planning excellence, cost effective processing and exceptional quality.

Laser Cutting

Laser Industries has the most diverse sheet metal laser cutting and machining capabilities in Southern California. Our shop utilizes multiple machines to process a variety of materials including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, and high temp alloys to meet every customer requirement for laser cutting. Read More…

Water Jet Cutting

• Waterjet Cutting Services• Abrasive water jet cutting & machining
Laser Industries utilizes 3 ultra-high-pressure abrasive waterjet cutting machines to meet a variety of shape cutting and blanking applications. Benefits of abrasive waterjet cutting include excellent cut quality, accuracy and versatility.
Laser Industries’ capabilities also include dual head processing and multiple sheet stacking for increased productivity. Read More…

Forming & Fabrication

Advanced fabrication capabilities allows Laser Industries to offer formed sheet metal details, brackets, assemblies, weldments and finished details for Aerospace, Commercial and Industrial applications. With over 20 years of fabrication experience, Laser Industries can offer high quality precision sheet metal details and finished products. Read More…

Laser Marking

Laser Industries, Inc. offers advanced Laser Marking, Laser Engraving and Electro-Chemical Etching, utilizing state of the art computer controlled equipment with rotary and linear motion systems.
Permanent marking and etching is achieved on flat and radial surfaces on materials including; titanium, stainless, steel and aluminum. Both finished and unfinished materials can be processed. Read More…

Quality Control

Laser Industries has an in-house Engineering staff with over 80 years of combined industry experience. Our Engineering team will partner with you to provide solutions for your most demanding manufacturing and specialty requirements.
The process begins with customer provided samples, drawings/sketches, or electronic data files. We can accept any of the following file formats: DXF, IGES, AutoCAD, CATIA or STP. Read More…

Contact us for your water jet cutting, laser cutting and sheet metal laser fabrication needs. 1-714-532-3271